Show You The Very Best Compaitble Color Toner Cartridges HP 304A (CC530A)

HP 304a LaserJet Printing Supplies
(CC530A, CC530A, CC531A, CC533A, CC532A)
HP 304 LaserJet Printing Supplies receive your company noticed. HP ColorSphere
Toner brings print-shop caliber directly to your workplace with vibrant color, sharp
Text and photographs that are realistic. Maintain peak productivity with consistent, dependable Compatible HP.

Yields up to 3,500 pages
Manufactured for HP printers
HP toner cartridges provide consistent returns with high quality Outcomes
Streamline your printing needs with all the time-saving reliability of initial HP LaserJet toner cartridges

For use with: HP All-in-One Printers: Color LaserJet CM2320fxi MFP, Color LaserJet CM2320n MFP, Color LaserJet CM2320nf MFP
HP Laser Printers Color LaserJet CP2020 Series, Color LaserJet CP2025, Color LaserJet CP2025dn, Color LaserJet CP2025n, Color LaserJet CP2025x

Ideal for printing skilled output in the medium and small size enterprise. These capsules
Deliver consistent, high quality outcomes.

Say over words together with natural, realistic picture quality. Communicate with
Straightforward, easy-to-read text and sharp detail.

Compatible HP toner provides make printing simple. Save time with all the "Shop for Supplies" desktop and HP SureSupply. And publish an assortment of files -- from print-shop quality color advertising materials to cheap pages that are black. Consistent, dependable, trouble-free printing Avoid the wasted time and money of reprinting. Intelligence from the capsule enables the machine to maximize print quality and Reliability.

HP Toner Cartridge Toner Filling Method

1, In the drum and the powder box after the separation, press the cover to turn more than 90 degrees, you can see a plastic cover exposed, it pry open, you can see the toner

2, Find a funnel inserted, remove the toner model like CF410X  with the corresponding high-quality compatible toner, and then slowly into the toner cartridge toner. As the toner particles are minimal, filling the powder can not force shaking, can not be so fast, otherwise it will make toner flying.

a, When filling the powder must wear a mask to prevent inhalation of toner harmful to health

b, Pay attention to the equipment do not pretend to be too full

3, Cover the plastic warehouse cover, and then reset the cover, screw on the screw, along the axial left and right rocker

4, And hand clockwise rotation of the magnetic roller (can be rotated outside the magnetic roller connected gear), so that the magnetic roller on the distribution of evenly. If it is not uniform, reversible counterclockwise rotation of the magnetic roller, so that it carries a magnetic iron powder carrier, and then consciously iron from a lot of places to less places, and then clockwise rotation of the magnetic roller, so that iron powder into the toner

5, And finally the photoconductor drum and hp toner cartridge together, typing positioning pin, the cartridge installed.

6, Touch class Bypass: C3977A, C7115A, C3906F, C3900A cartridge filling method and C4092A cartridge filling method the same.

Can you answer several questions about toner cartridge?

You may have mastered some professional knowledge about different brands of different toner cartridges for a long time even has ten years or above. But if I ask some questions about toner cartridge, can you think correlative knowledge and talk the answers at once? I think you can do it.

  • What does the “compatibility” of printer consumables mean?

Everyone may know about it if you’re not a rookie for using printer at first time. Compatible means it is not the original material that the printer manufacturer products, but the printer that has its own brand. Some people also call it compatible consumable material. So in strict sense, compatible consumables refer to the consumables used in the same models of domestic consumables in different brands or models. For example: HP q2612a toner cartridges can use on both HP 1020 laser printers and Canon LBP3000, HP cf283X compatible toner cartridge can be suitable for HP Laser Jet Pro M223dm and Laser Jet Pro M201n.

  • What’s the difference between toner cartridge and ink cartridge?

It may be some difficult for you to tell the difference. Actually, the toner cartridge is a metal cylinder, above it was a selenium photosensitive material, it is inside of the copy machine or laser printer components, which is used to print something by light into a static image and then attract toner, lastly taking the toner transfer printing to paper and the whole printing process is finished.

While Ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers rather than laser printer. There is ink in it and some cartridges have nozzles, such as HP inkjet printers, the others don’t take nozzles like EPSON printers.

  • Is the original toner cartridge better than the compatible one?

I think many of people will answer “no” to this question. I believe many people have chosen the compatible toner cartridge for their printers rather than original one when their toner cartridge broken down or they plan to exchange a now one for their printer. Many people choose a reliable compatible toner cartridge for its lower price with good quality and meet or exceed the original toner cartridge’s specification, which very suitable for middle class family. The other reason why so many people choose replace toner cartridge is that manufacturers have reliable after-sale which make quality assurance for every customers to make them pleased, therefore users will think it’s very reliable and cost-effective for them.

       Different users have different feelings when they use different printer when meeting different brands printer. It’s normal you will meet some annoying problems when you printing during the longer printing process. I hope these questions bring you more thoughts and wish you finding your ideal printer or toner cartridge in near future.

The color expression of the laser color printer

Laser printer is a very broad concept, in theory, all use of laser imaging technology can become a laser printer printer, generally can be divided into two types of office and professional, we can see the daily laser printer is office type, Color laser printer, priced from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, professional color laser printer for professional fast print shop, priced from hundreds of thousands of dollars to billions of dollars.

If it involves color expressive force, that professional laser printer can of course do well, but the office type of laser printer can only be said to be Soso, especially in print photos, it is difficult to achieve the effect of the shop In general, office color laser The printer is only suitable for some simple color file printing, similar to PPT and so on. The color performance of the printer depends mainly on three factors, resolution, color accuracy and color stability.

Resolution, office type and professional type of the difference between the basic can reach 1200dpi, the color quasi-aspects vary widely, the general professional printer will have a dedicated color management server, you can accurately restore the various colors, and it Will also be equipped with a professional color correction equipment, in the case of color deviation can be quickly calibrated to ensure that the finished product will not print color, office products will appear more or less color.

In addition, the color stability is also very important, professional equipment can guarantee the basic color consistency during printing, office equipment is difficult to do, while printing a color image at the same time, there may be a deviation between each print.


HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw toner can also use the replacement toner cartridge, the price is only half of the original: cf400x/201x